The Invisible Human

For 40 days and 40 nights starting 9 February 2013, Ordinary Klein – a collaboration between Studio Tobias Klein and Ordinary Ltd – turns a data imprint of a human body, digitally “sectioned” through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), into a template onto which crystals are grown under interactive audience participation.

At 12:31am on August 5, 1993, Joseph Paul Jernigan was executed by lethal injection. He had been sentenced to death following his stabbing and shooting of 75-year old Edward Hale, who discovered the then 27-year-old Texan stealing a microwave oven.

For the Invisible Human exhibition, Ordinary Klein presents an installation that echoes the 1,871 slices of Joseph Paul Jernigan. A human body is turned into a template onto which crystals are grown. The body sections are given shape through crystallisation processes echoing those that occur in the body as it dies.

On this website, you are invited to interact with the crystal growth; your collaboration helps define the shape, size, and location of the crystals grown onto the MRI body.




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